The Publishing Dilemma

A recent survey of author incomes showed that 80% of self-published authors earn less than $1000 per year. In most cases, it's because readers haven't heard of the authors (no exposure), they didn't know the book or the author existed (no visibility), or they've overlooked the book for various reasons (poor cover design, unappealing blurb or spelling errors in the sample pages).  

Don’t become ONE of those authors, especially if you’re self-published and it’s trickier for you to reach readers because you don’t have the distribution to bookstores and libraries like the big publishers have.

Find Author Resources and Author Services at your Fingertips to Sell More Books

This site is dedicated to help authors earn an income from their books!

Our Book Promotion Resources Database contains in excess of 2000 listings of places to promote your book(s) to new readers and vendors who provide book promotion services.

The Author Services Database list over 600 publication and author platform building services to help you create the best quality book to give it the best chance of selling, and to build platform so readers can find you on the web.

We’re not like other sites listing a jumble of resources for you to filter through until you find the right one. Our databases lets you find resources that match your needs, and is searchable by:

  • Over 280 fiction and non-fictions genres
  • Book format type (eBook vs print)
  • Resources accepting self-published authors, small press authors or traditionally published authors
  • Country (UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada)
  • Cost of services
  • Service Type


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